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"From the moment I called, the service I received was fantastic" 
- Liz Formosa 
"Last night, we came home from a walk to find my dog had somehow managed to get a very deep cut on her inner back leg. We have only had Roxy for just over a year and have only used a vet once before for booster injections. I called this vet, only to be told that they couldn’t see me and suggested that I contacted you! 
Not having much experience of vets and a distressed dog in pain, I was a little anxious. Also, Roxy was a rescue dog so I know little about her past and wasn’t sure how she would react in this situation. 
From the moment I called, the service I received was fantastic. I came to the surgery, you saw me almost immediately, and treated Roxy. I was impressed by the speed, efficiency, and knowledge of the team. 
I felt very assured and glad that I found a vet that can provide such a friendly, helpful service. 
Thank you." 
"We will be using the surgery for all our treatments and animal care" 
- Michelle Taylor 
"We bought our dog Titan to get treated for entropic eyes and were impressed by the prices and speed in which My Vet treated Titan and the pleasantness of the staff. 
So many vets we have been to in the past are rude and way over priced these days - seems like they are in it for the money and not the animals. 
That is most defiantly not the case at My Vet. We will defiantly be using the surgery for all our treatments and animal care and will be recommending My Vet to all our friends." 
"If you need a vet I highly recommend vet 24/7, Daniel and staff" 
- Martin and Mitch 
Hi Daniel, 
Just a short note to say thank you for your time, love and care you have shown both Sky and Blue, after being given the wrong information about my kittens injections and check ups, you agreed to see sky straight away, and give her the once over. 
I was more scared then the pair of them, and they have taken to you very well, My nephew Marley still tells his friends that you said Sky was a boy even through she is a girl……lol you are one in a million and a true superstar………….. 
Thank you for the time and love you give to my Sky and to Blue too, xxx Regards," 
"The care and compassion that you show for each and every patient is amazing over the years" 
- Maria and family High Wycombe 
"Hi Daniel & Staff 
I would like thank you for all the kindness you showed to Beau when he sadly had to go over the rainbow bridge last Jan 2011. 
One memory that will always stay with me is when I saw you because Beau had a limp I thought it was cancer in his leg you lifted his paw up took a few layers off his pad and bingo found some glass there - how you knew it was there I will never know. 
The care and compassion that you show for each and every patient is amazing over the years. I have been to many of my local vets and none are any where near as great as you and your lovely staff. 
I know make the drive up the M40 to your surgery as the care is worth the journey. I couldn't think of taking Sugar Plum any where else ! 
Thank you." 
"We have found a truly professional and compassionate vet at last!" 
- Yvonne & Barry Blowfield & family 
"Thank you for your care and compassion when we had to say goodbye to our ‘old girl’. 
It really made our grief seem easier to bear when you were so kind, understanding and caring. 
We have found a truly professional and compassionate vet at last!" 
"I will never be able to thank you all enough." 
- Dawn (Burgess), Gary, and all the family. (2 & 4 legged!) 
Baileys ashes are in the most stunning sealed wooden box with brass name plate and I am thrilled he is now in an appropriate resting place. 
We always joked (?) we wouldn't have Bailey long as he was falling apart bless him. Even yourself and your colleagues aged him at about 13 despite him only being 4 1/2, but none of us expected him to go as quick or as soon as he did. 
I will never be able to thank you all enough. You and your staff are obviously doing what you do because you love it, not for the money as you're definitely not charging enough! 
I'll be back tomorrow with our little old lady Lucy for her jabs, and you can guarantee if we decide to get any more pets in the future we will be bringing them along to your clinic. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts." 
"WOW, what unbeatable service!" 
- Shane Todd 
Daniel you and your staff are exceptional! 
Thanks for all you've done for Wisley. WOW, what unbeatable service! You really provide a service second to none. 
Updates late into the night every night, keeping us informed of the little fella’s progress. 24-7, thank you all for everything! Wisley gets excited, complete with the wagging tail every time we have came back for his check ups............. Dog happy to visit the Vets?????? 
Ps: Wisley sends his love to your mum!!!! We do laugh about the story you told us of your mum - "Who trained to be a vet me or you" 
"Thank you for the options you gave us and for your time and compassion" 
- Mummy & Daddy Roberts 
We would just like to thank you for looking after our darling boy Oliver last night, making the decision we did was a difficult one. But his time had come and it wasn't fair to take him home only to fit again. With a tumour that large there was really no other choice as he was suffering and we know that you're looking after him whilst he's still with you. 
Thank you for the options you gave us and for your time and compassion - even though it was after 10pm! 
You are a credit to your profession and there are few left like you, who really care. 
'You are one in a million' 
Sweet dreams Oliver see you next Thursday...when you can be back in your spot in garden.." 
"A huge thanks from me and Alfie for the treatment he received" 
- Hilary McCorry 
"Daniel, Anna and staff, 
A huge thanks from me and Alfie for the treatment he received. 
I sourced you on the internet and drove two and a half hours each way to see you for three times. Alfie the lurcher is not the easiest of patients but after having a battle to put on the T and O after his bandage was removed, I have to report he is now sound and running around enjoying life. I live right on the beach and he now can run down the stones with no problems. 
Every greyhound owner I meet I give your details to. 
I’m a retired BBC journalist/producer/presenter and I think your story should be told." 
"It’s been great to have found a greyhound specialist" 
- Monique 
"Hi Daniel, Just a quick note to say a HUGE thank you for sorting out our retired greyhound Keane’s corns. 
Our regular vet, having done an x-ray last year, simply could not get to the bottom of what caused Keane to limp and referred him to Noel Fitzpatrick for an MRI scan and possible spinal surgery . An observant vet + acupuncturist, Mike Dale at Pierson, Stewart & Partners in Cranbrook, Kent, whom I visited with Keane for pain relief, spotted the corns! A search on Google brought up your name and a chat with the Retired Greyhound Trust convinced me that we’d be in good hands at My Vet 24-7. 
The weekly trips to Uxbridge for 3 weeks and 2 weeks of aftercare at home with “t & o” have been absolutely worth it: the corns are gone and so is Keane’s limp! 
It’s been great to have found a greyhound specialist and I will continue to recommend you to other greyhound owners. With best wishes." 
"Thank you for the 5* treatment" 
- Molly, Janice and Peter 
"Dear Daniel and staff, 
Molly can't type, so on her behalf we would like to say a huge thank you for the 5* treatment she has received for her corn. She now has a renewed spring in her step and has regained her beautiful gait. Greyhounds are such beautiful, graceful dogs and they all deserve to be able to walk comfortably without the pain from corns growing in their pads. Thanks to you, there is now hope for so many of them. It has been very refreshing to find such a genuine, caring vet whose practice is first and foremost in business to care for the needs of animals and is not run as a business with a sideline in veterinary care so again, thank you. Many, many grateful thanks." 
"We have now transferred the care of our dog, cat and fish to your surgery" 
- Lucy & Paul 
"Dear Daniel, 
Just wanted to let you know that Siena is feeling much better today. She was able to get up and welcome me home this evening and wanted to play with her ball - unlike yesterday! Many thanks indeed for coming out to see Siena last night, your patience and care were greatly appreciated, not least by Siena herself! We have now transferred the care of our dog, cat and fish to your surgery and will certainly recommend you to our friends. Kind regards." 
"We appreciate everything you have done for us" 
- Kelly & Neil 
"To Daniel & All The Staff, 
We would just like to say thank you so, so much for all your help with Memphis. We really appreciate all the time and care you gave to us. 
You are a credit to yourselves and knowing Memphis was in such good hands means a lot to us. It was a very hard decision to have her put to sleep and we miss her terribly. But we just wanted to say how much we appreciate everything you have done for us, and we will highly recommend you to anyone we know. 
No doubt we will still see you with whingey Cyrus!!!!! Thank you again." 
"Never have I been to a vet that shows such compassion and passion for his job" 
- Amanda, Jason, Faye and Alfie Goulty 
Never have I been to a vet that shows such compassion and passion for his job, but to you I don't think it is a job, more a way of life, you totally understand and "get" peoples love and passion for their pets, and that's what makes you so very unique. 
You can still have a laugh at Scully's expense with the picture on your photo page, where our "tourettes" cat Smudge is sitting in the dogs bed with her, you know how badly Smudge "swears" when you treat her. 
Thank you again." 
"Thank you for treating my distressed cat so promptly" 
- Sue Tarrant 
"Dear Daniel, A big thank you for treating my distressed cat so promptly and with such obvious care and concern last night. 
I cannot think of one reason why I would take him anywhere else from now on. 
"We, and Jade, were lucky to have experienced such exceptional treatment" 
- Audrey & David 
"Dear Daniel and My Vet 24-7, 
Thank you, once again, for the excellent care you gave to Jade - you not only extended her life, but made it so comfortable and happy. Your empathy and personal support when we had to make the difficult decision to put her to sleep is so greatly appreciated, as is the professional and tireless manner in which all of her interventions, including her final moments were performed. 
We, and Jade, were lucky to have experienced such exceptional treatment and could not have asked for more. We would highly recommend you to anyone who has pets
"We would like to say a huge thank you for all the hard work" 
- Kane and Rosie 
"Dear Daniel, 
We would like to say a huge thank you for all the hard work you are putting in for our 10 year old staffie, Kane. He was due to be put down last year, however after a second opinion from yourself, Kane was given a second chance and another operation to save his life! 
He is in the vets quite a lot with his on going problems, but he doesn't mind coming as he knows he'll get a treat! 
Thanks Daniel, we've recommended you to everyone we know who has pets!!!" 
"I can’t praise you highly enough for your hard work and compassion" 
- Richard & Hayley 
"Hi Daniel & all the team at My Vet, 
Just a quick note to say thank you for all your help looking after Zeus in his final days. I can't praise you highly enough for your hard work and compassion when treating him, and even letting me have "hospital visits" when he had to stay with you a couple of days! I suppose the best way is that I have recommended you to everyone I know, and to everyone that reads these comments on your website. 
I have attached a couple of photos of him in happier times for use in your waiting room or on the website. 
Thanks so much again." 
"Thank you for the impeccable service you have given us" 
- Ray, Mary and family 
We would like to put on record our sincere appreciation for the way Daniel and his team helped us through a very emotional period when we lost Shebba, our ‘Labrador cross’ family member for 16 years. 
Daniel’s sensitive and tactful dealing with the event is on a par with his professional veterinary skills. Thank you for the impeccable service you have given us over the years." 
"Thanks for your total professionalism" 
- Tony, Tracey, Luke & James Duffy 
I would like to say thanks for your total professionalism and to say you are an absolute credit to your veterinary practice is an under statement. You had dealt with Chloe, our old springer spaniel, for a number of years and I am sure if it wasn't for your complete integrity her life with us would have been reduced, but sadly last week on your visit to us we came to a decision that all caring pet lovers dread having to make, and through all our families tears you put her to rest with dignity and compassion. We are all sure that she is now free from pain, and that she's running through every dirty puddle and chasing the birds out of Gods garden. 
I hope in time our tears will fade when we look for her in every corner of the house and that smiles and laughter return when we remember the fantastic 15 years of unconditional love that she provided." 
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